How to use

Here's some basics for using the app. Non-members: the first two rides in each state are for you to try


Select a FREEMAN MAP in the top row,

or a STATE in the middle row.
Then you'll all the rides available in that area.

Click the F-markers to see the ride name or scroll down and select a ride from the list.  (Note: if you click the F-marker, then the "Navigate" button - you will access google maps and go directly to that point).

Click "open" button  to access the ride page


Once you select a ride you’ll see a gps map of the authentic Freeman Map ride. There’s F-markers for must stops on it so you can get a feel for the route. Click on the F-marker to find out more about that must stop.

All rides are build "clockwise". Click the Reverse button to travel counter-clockwise

Click "Start Ride" and you're ready to go.

The app will determine your location and create a route to the actual ride start. It may take a few seconds. Once you start moving, it will provide turn-by-turn instructions to the destination and along the ride. 

NEW - you can now enter rides at any must stops along the route.



You'll see must stops in a list below each ride AND on screen while you are on your ride. Be sure to check these out and make some stops along the way! If you're in a hurry, you can always click from the list and GO DIRECTLY to that must stop using Google Maps, but you will most-likely deviate from the official route.